Through education and guidance, Dr. Jim Nored has helped restore the overall well-being of numerous patients. If you are open to improving your health and wellness through dentistry, let Crosby Dental Center be your go-to source. When striving to achieve health and wellness in Crosby, Texas, we may concentrate on some of the following:

Dr. Nored believes that poor nutrition can weaken your immune system as well as damaged dental conditions. He advises patients that diet and exercise will improve overall health and affect physical balance. We also believe in minimizing the use of toxic materials, and instead believe in making dentistry as natural as possible. We further emphasize the importance of spiritual balance as a way to improve overall health. When treating patients, we provide the utmost in personal, professional care, and we do our best to heal you mind, body, and spirit.

We are more than happy to share our knowledge about health and wellness. Please give us a call at 281-328-3569 to schedule a preventative appointment with the dentist today!