Dental Crown Preparation: What You Need to Know

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If our dentist believes getting a dental crown would be the best solution for a heavily damaged or decayed tooth, you may want to learn more about dental crowns. Specifically, the types of material used and the process with which you would go through to place them is important to know and could help make the decision-making easier. Determining if a dental crown is right for you depend on many factors, when speaking to the dentist. There are different types of materials to choose from, such as ceramic, porcelain, and gold. For a front tooth, a porcelain or ceramic crown is perfect for a front tooth, due to its position and concerns about your appearance.


When you opt for a dental crown, Dr. Jim D. Nored will prepare the tooth. If the tooth needs to be filled or a root canal performed, this will occur first, so the dentist knows exactly what he has to work with and ensure there’s enough tooth structure to place a crown. We will also shave the tooth and place a post, to anchor it and ensure a sure foundation. The dental assistant will take impressions of your tooth, to get an accurate mold of what the permanent crown will look like and to make sure it will fit over the tooth. You will then be given a temporary crown to wear, while the permanent one is sent to a lab to be created. You will come back and receive a permanent crown. The dentist will check your bite then and send you on your way with a new, beautiful and functional tooth.


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