Our dental office is pleased to utilize thermography in Crosby, Texas, a heat sensitive, non-invasive form of radiography. Unlike X-ray machines, thermography technology is radiation free and uses digital infrared imaging to detect blood flow and heat patterns in the body for whole body health.

Thermography is used in correlation with other diagnosis tools, such as digital X-rays, ultrasounds, cone beam scanners and MRIs. This technology allows our dentists to scan for potential problem areas in the mouth and body, which are shown by elevated heat areas. These heat areas may indicate infection in the bone structures or soft tissues of the mouth and are often highlighted in correlation with active lymph nodes working overtime to produce heat, which may be another indicator of the body fighting infection.

Thermography is used in conjunction with other diagnosis equipment to determine:

  • TMJ disorders or disease
  • Inflammatory infections of the teeth, throat and mouth
  • The existence of pressure ulcers
  • Post-surgical defects

We are pleased to discuss our methods and technologies with you to help you achieve optimal full-body and oral health. For more information about thermography at our dental office, call Crosby Dental Center at 281-328-3569 and schedule an appointment with our experienced holistic dentists, Dr. Jim D. Nored, Dr. Hale McDaniel or Dr. Annette D. Gemp.