Our dental office believes that every patient is different and, as such, react to treatment is diverse ways. We strive to provide care specifically designed with your needs in mind and use holistic muscle and energy testing in Crosby, Texas, to determine biocompatibility with the materials and methods we use for our dental treatments.

Applied Kinesiology – Muscle Reaction Testing

Applied kinesiology focuses on prevention and whole-body health by examining the body’s reaction to the materials we use in our dental treatments. This non-intrusive technique uses a diagnostic tool to measure the biocompatibility of a patient through touch. Using a simple muscle strength test, our dentists can determine if a material is compatible or incompatible with the physiology of a patient. When exposed to noncompatible material, the muscles in the arm holding it will not resist downward force, indicating a weak muscle reaction and thus a weak biocompatibility to that substance.

Electrodermal Screening – Bioenergetic Testing

Electrodermal screening is a non-invasive test that measures the meridians, or energy “pathways” of the body, using the acupuncture points on your hands. These energy systems are believed to be the communication paths of the body. At Crosby Dental Center, Dr. Jim D. Nored, Dr. Hale McDaniel and Dr. Annette D. Gemp use an easy energy test to assess the general state of a patient’s health and determine their compatibility with dental materials.

We invite you to learn more about our biocompatibility testing for our holistic dental care and are happy to discuss our methods and treatments with you. Call our office at 281-328-3569 to learn more.