Dr. Jim D. Nored, Dr. Hale McDaniel and Dr. Annette D. Gemp believe that treating the underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth can eliminate dental diseases. We seek to ensure the work done in your mouth does not have an adverse effect on your overall health. Not having the proper nutrition for your body can weaken your immune system, allowing dental diseases to harm your teeth. As such, Crosby Dental Center is pleased to offer prevention nutrition in Crosby, Texas.

Your diet could be causing you oral health problems. What you put into your body every day can cause serious health conditions if not moderated. Dental health problems have been linked to diabetes, cancers and heart health complications. By moderating or eliminating the toxins you take in, you could prevent serious health and dental problems. Our team is happy to instruct patients on prevention nutrition and discuss proper diet, and we can even refer you to a network of providers to help improve your overall health, including your oral health.

If you need assistance on improving your diet, we invite you to call our office at 281-328-3569 today to schedule your appointment with our trained dentists. We look forward to seeing you and your smile!