If you have amalgam (mercury) fillings that detract from the beauty or health of your smile, you can count on Crosby Dental Center to follow the proper protocol for the safe removal of mercury fillings in Crosby, Texas. Safe guidelines for removal include:

  • Keeping the filling cool during removal to greatly reduce the amount of mercury vapor released during the removal process
  • Cutting the mercury into chunks and then removing the chunks with a hand instrument or suction
  • Providing patients with an alternative source of oxygen and/or using a high-volume suction system
  • Using a rubber dam to isolate the tooth that is having the mercury filling removed

Many people have metal sensitivity and are influenced by the mercury and nickel used in previous dental treatments. There is a long history of learning about this and a lot of conflict among dentists as to how and when this is best and safely done. Dr. Jim D. Nored, Dr. Hale McDaniel and Dr. Annette D. Gemp have an opinion on the matter as well, usually expressed as the Huggins Protocol. It can be adjusted up and down to meet the needs and beliefs of the patient.

We encourage you to set up a consultation with our dentists to learn more about the safe removal of mercury fillings. You can reach us at 281-328-3569.