How to Address the Genetics of Tooth Decay

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If the number of cavities you develop despite daily oral hygiene practices seems unfair, especially compared to people who never have cavities, our team is here to help you. We review how genetics can increase your risk of cavities by causing soft tooth enamel and teeth that are crowded.

When genetics are largely responsible for the risk of cavities, the root of the problem can be complex. To help you prevent cavities from occurring in soft tooth enamel, take note of how you brush your teeth and gums. If you use too much pressure, this can result in dental harm. You may also need to cut out soda to avoid further tooth enamel loss.

It’s important to correct crowded teeth so that your smile isn’t harboring a lot of bacteria that can’t be removed with daily brushing and flossing. Treatments for crowded teeth can include orthodontics and tooth extraction, and Dr. Jim D. Nored happy to help you determine which treatment approach is ideal for your oral health.

We strive to detect and address your cavities as soon as possible so that we can provide conservative treatment for tooth decay and avoid extensive tooth damage.

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