Not Your Mama’s Tooth-Brushing Tips

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Brushing your teeth is pretty straightforward, right? Toothpaste to brush, brush to mouth, scrub-a-dub-dub, done. Right? In reality, it turns out that brushing effectively is a little more complicated than that. It’s imperative to understand the right method to brush your teeth so you can protect your oral health from bacterial acids that can cause cavities and tooth erosion. Dr. Jim D. Nored put together some ideas for you so that you can brush more effectively:

-When tooth-brushing, tilt the toothbrush head to a 45-degree tilt against your gums, then roll the brush away in an outward wave. Removing leftover food remnants is critical to upholding solid dental health; when debris stay between your teeth, they harbor cavity-causing bacteria and acids. Utilize this technique to brush away debris.

-Sweep both the outsides and the insides of your teeth, and also brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth. Making sure you hit each area of your teeth can be difficult, so brush in this sequence to make sure you’re scrubbing each spot of them. Use the brushing motion to brush every tooth.

-Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Brushing your tongue can help you freshen breath, and it also displaces harmful bacteria from your mouth. A brushing benefit that maintains your dental health and also ups your social game? Nice!

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