Smile Therapy: Dental Bridge Prosthetics

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An incomplete smile can cause numerous oral health risks. A single lost tooth can increase the rate at which tooth decay can occur. Missing teeth can also lower your mouth’s ability to function properly and can even cause other healthy teeth to move around due to gaps between teeth that will now exist. Thus, a replacement will be required. One helpful treatment to consider is a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are extremely effective because they can help complete your smile once again. In some situations, they can restore functions that may have been lost due to a hindrance with your oral profile. Dental bridges can restore lost skills, including the ability to chew or eat, or even to speak correctly. Dental bridges are also highly effective for fixing bite stability that may have been hindered as well as space maintenance to ensure teeth do not move and slide around. In situations where tooth slippage has occurred, dental bridges can be used to hold teeth in stable positions as the gap will be filled in. Dental bridges are also beneficial in situations when your jaw is not strong enough to hold a dental implant. This is because dental bridges are attached an anchored to nearby teeth.

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