Tooth Hazards in Your Diet

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What do you think of when you hear the words dental damage? What about tooth hazard risks? Although we often think about oral accidents and injuries, the truth is that most incidents that occur with your oral health are due to foods and drinks you consume. Because the products you eat on an everyday basis are at such a high risk for damaging your smile, it’s always a good idea to assess what you can do to help protect your mouth.

Several oral health risks and tooth hazard risks are linked to foods in your diet, which is because there are several substances and ingredients even in the most mundane of products that can destroy your tooth enamel and gums. Even products such as sports drinks and fruit drinks have ingredients that can be broken down in your mouth into harmful acids that will chew through your enamel. Be aware that all products that are heavily laden with sugars or starches can potentially cause significant tooth hazard risks.

Another common cause of dental damage is due to a tooth hazard risks associated with using your teeth to open products, which could be something as simple as a bottle cap or a plastic package. Never use your teeth for this task as it can lead to an instant oral accident. Instead, use bottle openers or other handy tools nearby.

Lastly, beware of the risks associated with constant snacking throughout the day. The more often you snack, the less saliva that ends up being produced in your mouth. Furthermore, by snacking too frequently, you are increasing the time that your teeth and gums are exposed to food particles and debris.

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