Your Education on Dental Crowns

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Dental crowns are one of the more popular methods used to fix broken teeth. They’re also great at healing damaged smiles too. But the process of getting a crown – or when you’d even need one – isn’t something that many people are intimately familiar with. This is a good thing, since crowns are usually used only when you have significant damage to your teeth.

So today, let’s educate you on what dental crowns are and how they’re used.

What are they?
Dental crowns are exactly what they sound like – a crown for your teeth. They’re usually made from some kind of plastic or ceramic material, and they’re used to help restore a tooth to its former usability. You’ll likely get a consultation from a dentists before deciding if crowns are the best course of action for your needs.

Why would I need one?
You need a crown when some sort of damage has happened to your teeth – usually the biting surface of a molar – that makes the tooth less effective and stable than it previously was. Dr. Jim D. Nored will install the crown to restore your tooth to its former self. The process is done in-office at our [pratice_name] location in Crosby, Texas.

How do they work?
Crowns are created on a case by case basis to match your teeth. Usually, they have to be ground down a bit to fit the new crown. This is called forming an abutment. Then, once everything fits right, the crown is glued onto the abutment. You’re left with something that looks, functions, and feels like a brand-new tooth.

If you’re ready for crowns in your life, or simply want to know more, call us today at 281-328-3569 to see how we can help. We’re excited to help you on your cosmetic dentistry journey.